Am I suitable for Thermage treatment?

To answer the question of whether you are suitable for Thermage treatment, you have to look at a number of factors. First off, what’s your age? If you’re a twenty-something looking to get rid of bags under your eyes, don’t bother with this treatment. Thermage is for middle-aged and older people who want to look younger and have a more refreshed appearance.

Next, you need to be physically healthy. While not a major surgical procedure, Thermage treatment is a procedure, and you should be as healthy as possible.

Also, being trim and fit will mean that the procedure will have the maximum benefits for you. As it can help firm up a flabby frame, you can tighten your tummy, legs, arms and buttocks following weight loss as a result of dieting and exercise.

Then there is you psychological make up; you need to be of sound and stable mind to undergo this procedure. Very often, you should speak to your doctor about Thermage treatment. He/she can advise you as to your suitability as a candidate, and get you all the information about what is involved in it.

Keep in mind that Thermage treatment is merely a process to enhance you facial appearance and overall body look. It is not a surgical facelift or plastic surgery. If you are unhappy with the size of your nose, the curve of your jaw, the shape of your mouth – Thermage treatment is not the procedure for you. Be aware of what it can and can not do for you. That leads into the next several items on the list. You need to be well informed about the possible outcomes, and what types of side affects to expect.

Let’s review the last one first, as they’re quite minimal. In general, Thermage treatment patients report some mild swelling, slight redness as the site, and small bumps and blisters. None last more than a few days.

In terms of results, it largely depends on your physical shape and the area in question. If you have trouble with bags under your eyes and a drooping jaw line, Thermage can help tighten up both. If you’ve recently had a baby or lost weight from your abdomen, Thermage treatment can firm that area. If cellulite is a problem that defies exercise and diets, it can also reduce that.

Finally, you need realistic expectations. Know that Thermage treatment is not the Fountain of Youth; it is not a cure-all for making you look beautiful until you’re ninety. It is very effective in smoothing the skin, firming you up, getting rid of sagginess and giving you a healthier and more youthful appearance, but results generally last about two years. Yours may vary depending on age, physical build, diet and exercise, how much sun you get and your age.