Am I suitable for laser skin tightening?

When considering laser skin tightening as a means of dealing with some physical issues, you need to think about a few things in order to know whether or not it will work for you.

Firstly, what is your age? Most cosmetic surgeons recommend that you be between thirty and sixty years of age. If you are younger, your body has not really developed any excessive sagging, and if you’re older than about sixty to sixty-five, the laser treatments will not be enough – on their own – to help you.

If you are very young and suffer from some type of severe skin blemishes: heavy acne, chicken pox scars, irregular skin tones, and so on, then a laser treatment can help with those.

Then there are the abnormalities you are looking to take care of. Stretch marks from pregnancy, baggy eyes, scowl lines, and the various items previously listed are all problems which can be treated with laser treatments. Also, varicose veins, wrinkles, moles and other skin problems can all candidates for treatment.

Next is your skin type. They are measured via the Fitzpatrick sun-reactive skin scale. This scale also incorporates the skin’s color into it. Type I is white, and a skin that can not tan at all: the person always burns. This is really the only skin type/color that should be wary of a laser treatment; they are at risk for suffering pigment changes following a treatment. Type II is white, but is able to tan – with some difficulty. Type III is also white and can get an average tan. Type IV is brown, tans with general ease; Type V is darker brown, and tans very easily. And finally, Type VI is black, and also tans easily. In terms of skin color, the darker skin colors are more likely to suffer complications from any laser treatments, but if you prepare your skin beforehand with a prescription skin product, and another afterwards, you should be fine. Your doctor can advise you on this and usually give you prescriptions for them.

Finally, there is your body build. Laser treatment is not a cure-all for sagging and flabby skin. While the process can tighten a sagging jawline, firm up bags under the eyes, erase many wrinkles, and get arms, legs, breasts, buttocks and abdomen to be firmer, excess flab will require some other treatment to help. If you have lost a great deal of weight due to dieting, illness, childbirth or something else, the laser treatment will not be able to completely firm those areas of your body. An improvement to your diet and some sessions of exercise will be needed as well. Be sure to review all of these factors with your cosmetic surgeon before you start your first treatment of laser skin tightening.