What results can I expect from Thermage?

When looking to improve you physical appearance, Thermage can be an excellent alternative to costly and dangerous surgeries. As to results, they will vary depending on several factors.

First off, what area of the body do you want to have treated with Thermage? If you have trouble with bags under the eyes, crow’s feet, a drooping jawline or sagging about the neck, Thermage can be most helpful. Patients report improved tightening in all such areas, flattening of the skin, and a general improvement in the skin’s texture and softness. Also, acne on the cheeks, around the mouth and on the forehead, plus wrinkles around the mouth can all be removed by Thermage.

If you have scars from acne, it can decrease them. If your eyebrows are a bit saggy, Thermage will make them higher. It can soften forehead lines, scowl lines, and ease the nasolabial creases (the area around the nose and mouth). The procedure breaks up the underlying collagen that resides under the dermal layer. This helps to smooth the skin, and also promotes growth of new collagen. Thus the skin is made healthier.

If you have recently lost some weight – for whatever reason: diet, exercise, illness, pregnancy; Thermage can tighten the skin across the abdomen. Also, flabby arms and legs can be tightened and their overall circumference reduced. Cellulite can be a major issue in the legs, particularly for women. Thermage can break up the cellulite and allow your body to flush it out. As a result, the thighs can take on a smoother and suppler look, and become generally thinner.

Next, what is your age? In general, the older you are the less effective the Thermage treatment will be, especially if you have not been taking care of yourself prior to your first session. And then there are lifestyle and external factors. Do you smoke, are you overweight, spend a lot of time in the sun without sunscreen? Do you exercise and eat a healthy diet?

In terms of the overall Thermage results and their timeframe, you can see improvement almost immediately, but normally it takes about a month and the full recovery process about six months. The majority of Thermage results will become evident after anywhere from two to three months. Now, if you have not led a particularly healthy life and lifestyle, and perhaps are older than most candidates, one treatment may not be sufficient to see significant results. If that’s the case, a second Thermage treatment is called for about six months after the first one. If you’re a better suited candidate, the results of Thermage will typically last about two years; although some patients report still looking great as much as five years after only one series of Thermage treatments.