What results can I expect from Laser skin tightening?

That is the big question, isn’t it? You want to know what you are going to look like after getting a series of laser skin tightening treatments.

When the laser skin tightening is completed, there will be some minimal pain and discomfort, and a mild degree of warming. As for appearance, there’s normally some redness, and a little tightness to the skin, but these side effects of laser skin tightening generally fade a few hours after of the treatment.

There can be some bruises and blisters, and even changes to your skin pigment, but those are very rare. The laser breaks up the underlying collagen, and this will result in the various side effects.

In terms of positive effects of laser skin tightening, some of them can be seen immediately; especially treatments applied to the face. The laser tends to tighten loose skin and flatten some features; so crow’s feet and other kinds of wrinkles on the forehead, around the mouth and nose, a droopy jawline, sagging eyebrows, bags under the eyes, scowl lines and a saggy neck look better within hours of the first laser skin tightening treatment. While not as powerful as a full blown surgical facelift, it is far less invasive and expensive.

If you are looking to treat cellulite, which is a common problem for middle aged women, the effects will not become apparent for some time – generally not until after you have undergone several laser skin tightening treatments. Also, depending on the extent of the cellulite and your age, you may need to apply some creams or do some exercising to help smooth out the lines on your thighs.

Women also face the problem of stretch marks to their abdomen and buttocks following a pregnancy. These marks are as a result of collagen tearing beneath the upper dermal layer and forming scar-like streaks in the skin. A laser skin tightening treatment can make the marks fade, and also tighten the skin so that both areas are not so saggy.

With sagging breasts (for both men and women) and flabby arms and legs, the laser will firm and tighten the skin, and help to make the flesh soft and supple. If you are looking to get breast enhancement, and do not want to go the surgical route, the laser skin tightening treatment can help to firm your breasts and give them a generally more perky appearance.

Keep in mind that the results will not be as good as breast augmentation surgery, but in terms of cost and physical impact, a series of laser treatments can be very effective.

When it comes to the timeframe for the laser skin tightening results to appear – overall, the initial results will become clear between about a month and three months, and complete by six months. Typically, they can last for around two years, but some have been reported to remain upwards of four to five years.