Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Procedure

Also known as one of the newest forms of non-surgical skin treatments, Thermage, the Radio Frequency method can be used as an alternative to the old fashioned surgical facelift.

The procedure uses a Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) to accomplish a number of goals for your body. It can tighten the skin, contour it, and also encourage new healthy strands of collagen to grow.

Unlike a laser, the CRF in the Radio Frequency method warms the underlying layers of the epidermis (the skin), and draws the collagen up to the skin’s surface. The device is merely placed on the target area, which can be anywhere: face, stomach, abdomen, buttocks etc and creates a sensation of deep heating. This does result in the patient feeling a sleight burning sensation, but it is quite mild.

Once the collagen reaches the right temperature, it both rises and tightens. The entire Radio Frequency method process can be done from anywhere from a half hour to two hours. Even after it’s completed, the process of the collagen moving and tightening continues for several months. Also, as the collagen has moved, new strands have to grow to take its places within the lower dermal layer.

This is why the full affect of the Radio Frequency method procedure does not become apparent until about three to six months after the first treatment.

The Radio Frequency method process helps to firm the face, especially along the jowls and upper neck, and tighten the eyes, reducing creeping of the skin and hooding, and cuts down on the under eye bagginess. For the general body, the Radio Frequency method tightens areas made saggy by weight loss and pregnancy, and can reduce cellulite. In general, it tightens and lifts the body, reduces areas of the body, and flattens and smoothes the skin, gets rid of dimples, and helps with the skin’s texture.

The Radio Frequency method results usually last for around as two years; however, they can vary to as little as six months, or much longer. Several factors control this: the patient’s age, physical condition, how much they’re exposed to the sun, do they smoke, how much weight they lose or gain, their own natural aging process, and what area of the body is being treated. In addition, if the Radio Frequency method procedure is combined with others like Botox or collagen injections, these can affect the overall results.

Side effects of the Radio Frequency method are virtually zero, but there have been some reports of slight redness at the treatment area, small swelling or bumps, and even tiny heat blisters. None have been reported as lasting more than a few days.

In terms of cost, a single Radio Frequency method treatment generally runs between $1,000 and $1,500, and you usually need two to three treatments to get the best results. As the Radio Frequency method is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies will not cover it.