What areas can be treated with Thermage?

Unlike a traditional facelift that is applied, as the name implies, to the face, Thermage can help all areas of the body.

Of course, the face is the area that most people want Thermage used, so let’s look at what it can do there first. With age, most people find their jowls and neck, and the areas under their eyes to start to sag.

Also, wrinkles will appear, the classic “crow’s feet” around the eyes often being the start. With Thermage, significant tightening can be found in all of the sagging areas, and a general smoothness to the skin helps to flatten out the wrinkles. In general, better contouring is found to occur along the entire jaw line and around the next, and the eyebrows and cheeks get lifted.

In terms of the eyes, Thermage helps in a number of ways. The smoothness and tightening it creates cuts down on the hooding around the eyes and gives them a more youthful look. A lot of sagging tends to make people look tired, and Thermage can greatly reduce that. For women (or actors), with the eyelids made smoother, applying eyeliner, shadow and other makeup is made easier. As the skin tightens, more of the upper eyelids are able to be seen, and the bags under the eyes fade away.

Next, there’s what Thermage can do for the body in general. The first is the body shaping. For a patient that is not very overweight, it can reduce bulges that seem to defy exercising and dieting. In general, areas of the body can be tightened and lifted, the overall circumference of a body part can be reduced, and the skin smoothed out and flattened. If a patient has recently lost a great deal of weight or had a pregnancy, the process works very well at tightening the abdomen area.

The second effect Thermage can have on the body is in the area of treating cellulite. In particular, women find cellulite to be a major issue for their legs (the upper thighs are most notable), and sometimes diets and exercising are not enough to eliminate it. This is often very true for women above a certain age, or who have a particular sedentary lifestyle. In addition, people who are handicapped and confined to a wheelchair can have real issues with cellulite build up.

The heat from the process causes the cellulite to breakup and move through the skin (much like it does with collagen, its primary target). As a result, the cellulite is picked up by the lymph system and flushed from the body. After a few Thermage treatments, patients will see the characteristic cellulite dimpling of the skin lessen, and the skin’s texture undergo a general improvement.